Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feedback Junkie

I was reminded again this morning that I am a "feedback junkie". My team is on a new project and the backlog items are starting to appear as small working pieces of code. In addition, we're connecting with other groups in the company and connecting them to our continuous integration server, showing them how it works, showing them why it helps, and hoping that together we can arrive at working faster because we have better feedback systems.

We've already exceeded my 5 minute threshold on the feedback system. My arbitrarily chosen rule of thumb is that we need to know a checkin is "good" or "bad" within 5 minutes of that checkin. I know that is not always possible. I know there are many tests and sets of tests which will take more than 5 minutes. Still, that 5 minute barrier is the goal, and we'll keep splitting, partitioning, and refining to keep the feedback system within those 5 minutes.

Now, we continue fomenting revolution, getting other people just as addicted to feedback as I am...

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