Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CAST 2009 - Koomey, Kaner, Weinberg, and Bach

Attend CAST

I've done it. I spent the personal funds to attend the 2009 Conference of the Association for Software Testing. Economic times are hard, conferences are difficult to justify to the company, but this conference looks too good to miss.

I've registered for Dr. Cem Kaner's tutorial on metrics and qualitative measurements. Considering the years I've struggled with quantitative measurement in the team, I'd love to hear a different approach.

I've learned plenty from the Association for Software Testing Black Box Software Testing courses ("Foundations" and "Bug Advocacy") and am looking forward to the next course ("Domain Testing"). I'm looking forward to this conference!

(I'm also excited that I'll be able to hang out in Colorado Springs, CO for a few evenings with my oldest daughter. She's an electrical engineer at a Colorado Springs company and has agreed to find a place where I can crash for the night.)

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